Our Services

BBBEE Rating Agency offers B-BBEE Verification Services to businesses based on the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. The independent verification process is aimed at verifying and validating the B-BBEE status of a legal entity to establish and present their B-BBEE status.

Planning & Preparation

Detailed Assessment

On-site Verification

Verification Outcome

The assigned verification analyst will schedule a meeting at the measured entity’s office to discuss the information requirements based on each element of the scorecard.

The verification analyst will assess all information submitted and communicate with the measured entity in case any additional information is required.

After acceptance of the Verification Plan the Verification Analyst will schedule the site-visit. Each element will be verified according to the verification plan.

The Verification Manager/Technical Signatory will verify that the client verification is in compliance with the SANAS R47, B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and our internal policies and procedures. Once all the requirements have been met the final verification report and certificate will be issued.